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Excuse the mess while we work through some growing pains but, Welcome to Yokomi Entertainment, a hub for all things anime and manga related, official and fan-made! Feel free to explore what we have running or discover and share your favorite content, manga, and anime, including our original web novel and fan works from other passionate fans. Join our community today and immerse yourself in the world of anime and manga like never before!

Feel free to become a member and say hello.

Hi, I'm Yokomi! Welcome Home.

Like to read? Then check out our original debut novel Kana's Confessions. 

       "Kana's Confessions" is an adventure of sacrifice set in the world of Souchiban, where the threat of a new Dark Year is looming, with the threat of war has emerged. Kana and Kenichi are the newest pair of Guardians, a team of warriors tasked with mastering the weapons of Gods to stop the invading force of creatures known as Vesper's. But their personal struggles threaten to rip them apart as they fight to protect their homeland.


       Kana, disguised as a normal student, must navigate through her feelings to ultimately choose who lives and dies between the two people she loves. Kenichi meanwhile seeks revenge for his mother's murder whose path leads him to the Guardians themselves. As their love for each other blooms, the very fate that brought them together now serves as their ultimate trial of sacrifice as they unravel the truth behind their destiny.


       This romantic adventure is filled with magic and mystery as we discover the depths of what we call love. Join them on their journey of discovery and self-acceptance in "Kana's Confessions".

Growing Pains for the first update

  •        Make sure the basics of the site are working correctly. This includes ensuring the forums and chat sections are performing as intended, automated systems are functional, and verifying that all areas are accessible. 

  •        Version 1.1 will mainly focus on building a functional site for both desktop and mobile users.  

Future Additions

  1.        Ensure that the entire website is functioning and looks as it should on both desktop and mobile versions.

  2.        Create an official section for "Collab Groups" to share their projects with every member(Yokomaniac) of the site. Whether that is an original story, Youtube, for related things(where not trying to push a woodworking channel, lol), art, music, web manga, fan-fiction, and such.

  3.        Have a dedicated "Suggestion Section" for fellow Yokomaniacs to vote on, for the two highest-voted features to be added or integrated into the website during the following major update. Such as a MAL list, chat customization(within reason lol), discord integration(or close to it), and future merchandise. Hopefully, this will be one of the most active sections, a place where everyone's voice will be heard, so that this community hub will slowly, over time, be a place everyone in our community hangs out because of the suggested improvements the COMMUNITY actually wants to see to make this place great.

  4.        Also, I would like to include a community-driven "News Update" section for the most popular shows(thinking the top 100 to keep the news of the most popular show available to the masses. Why this? Most mainstream news releases are usually weeks late. Between fan translations, leaked information, or a random tweet by a creator, fans usually know about things far in advance than what the big guys like to give us. So why not combine our collective knowledge into one spot for the most popular show for every Yokomaniac to see, so everyone can just find their favorite show and see what's going on with it?

  5.        A "Need-to-Watch/Read" list is needed for the highest-rated non-mainstream anime or manga(thinking maybe top 100 as well) divided into Categories for fellow members who want to branch out to something less popular, but still highly voted on for overall quality so they know it's worth the time if they decide to try it.

  6.        Did anyone say "App"?

  7.        If possible, the biggest change I would like us to make is within the chat rooms. You know what they say, "Out with the old and in with the new". A much-needed feature to be added is to replace the boring chatrooms and replace them with "Clans" and "Houses". I want people to be able to create their own areas meant for current and future clan members, closest friends, family, and Collaborators. The Clans will be a collection of 50 separate (haven't decided what they will be based on, maybe a community suggestion *hint, hint*) large community hangouts. This area will be able to have basic cosmetic changes(like a VERY lightweight version of what you can do in WARFRAME), add selectable background music, and other things that will be technically possible to create a space made to look how the Clan Heads(up to 40 people) agree for it to look. Inside the "Clans" area will be the birthplace of all chat with every member in the clan for everyone to see(so a large chatroom for every member in the Clan).

  8.        "Houses" will be the individual chat rooms within the "Clans" area. Each member of the clan will be able to make their own separate chatroom for Private chat or Group chat with select members within the clan chat. Why not just chat in the Clan chat? Well, with the growth of the community, I would like us to have, the chatroom might move way too quickly for people to have a discussion without losing their place or having to scroll up a million times. This way, if you and your buddy want to chat about something private, make a separate house to chat and name it whatever you want, My Crazy Madara Loving Friend, sounds fun. Or maybe you have a group of friends/strangers that all you want to talk about is who would win in a fight between Ichigo and Luffy, Vs Arena, that sounds kinda BA. Make it and add everyone to it, and if someone sees this house later on after they join a clan they can come in, see the arguments and hollering that went on, and then add in their two cents in. Another use would be you may need to talk to your "Group Project Collaborators" within ur clan. Then a House could be created just for project talk. Especially if you need to hold a meeting or direct a project talk. Long-form chat will be available.

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